Welcome to my website! Below you can find informations about the insurances I can settle with, I recommend to read these before contacting me. Thank you!


I offer individual therapy for adolescents and adults as well as couple and poly counselling in German and English in Berlin.


PLEASE NOTE: at the moment and until further notice I do not have free therapy places... If you send me an email I can forward you a list of colleagues with availabilities.



The psychotherapeutic method I offer is officially called ''Tiefenpsychologisch fundierte Psychotherapie'' (''psychotherapy based on depth psychology''). This method is applicable to a wide range of psychological complaints (depression, anxiety, addiction, psychosomatic symptoms, conflicts in relationships, sexual problems, problematic eating behaviour, critical life events, challenging life situations ...)


In psychotherapy, an appreciative atmosphere, an encounter at eye level and open-mindedness to your concern are particularly important to me. My image of us humans is based on the conviction that we want to grow, develop further and constructively shape our environments.


I regard mental complaints as a ''wake-up call of the soul'', which usually becomes the louder the longer we ignore it, and wich makes clear that we might have ended up in a dead end and need support. Backround of this can be blows of fate, drastic changes in our life situation, recurring relationship conflicts, illnesses, the feeling of permanently ignoring one's deep desires, spiritual crises, and so on.


Psychotherapy, then, is about deciphering this wake-up call, understanding the symptoms and their message on a deeper level, and finding a way out of the impasse. Our inner blocks are often related to the relationship experiences we have accumulated throughout our lives. An example: A person suffers from depressive symptoms. If you look more closely at this, it becomes clear that the person in question has wanted to pursue a completely different career path for years, but is held back by fearful apprehensions. In the course of therapy, it is becoming increasingly apparent that behind these fears are again imprints from childhood and adolsecence, which should be changed psychotherapeutically. Examples could be: phrases like ''You are no good!'', too little support, trust and encouragement from the parents, which has led the person in question to all to stronger strive for security and to ''bury'' their desires and dreams.


With my therapeutic offer, I would like to accompany you in breaking down the hurdles that stand in the way of your process of becoming who you are.


I see you as an expert in your biography and your inner and outer world. I consider my role as that of a companion who goes on a journy of discovery with you into your world of feelings and thoughts, exploring together with you your current situation against the backround of your biography and developing solutions with you. Solutions can not be found through ''quick tips'', but through an intensive and patient examination of the topic.


Members of socially marginalized communities and identities often find it particularly difficult to find secure therapeutic spaces. Through my work, I want to help create such places. It is therefore important to me to always think along with social power relations, to reflect on my own identities and privileges, and to assist you in regaining the sovereignty of interpretation about yourself. I am part of the queer community and feel particularly connected to it.

One focus of my practice is on working with clients who identify as trans*, inter*, non-binary, genderfluid, genderqueer, agender, gender non-conforming, pan/pansexual, asexual , gay, lesbian, homosexual, bi / bisexual, queer ...

Of course you are just as welcome if you do not find yourself in this!


Don't hesitate to contact me for further questions! I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

Prices and conditions

  • The ''Private Krankenversicherungen'' (like Debeka, DKV, Hanse Merkur, Allianz, Signal Iduna ...) bear the costs for psychotherapy in my practice (if your contracts includes psychotherapy of course), the specific conditions depend on your contract. Please get in touch with your insurance to find out about the conditions of your contract.
  • Self-paying is also possible of course
  • IMPORTANT: At the moment the only ,,Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung'' (statutory health insurance, like TK, Barmer, DAK, AOK etc.) I can easily settle with is Bahn BKK
  • If you are insured with one of the other statutory health insurances (TK, Barmer, DAK, AOK etc.) I can only reiceive you if you are A) willing to switch to Bahn BKK (there's dozens of statutory health insurances in Germany, but due to strict regulations there's no significant difference between them) or B) if you have already followed the steps described below without success. Than ''reimbursement'' could be possible.

Further information for insurees of statutory health insurances (,,Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung'' like TK, Barmer, DAK, AOK etc.)

As an insuree of a statutory health insurance (,,Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung'', GKV) you need to follow certain steps to start a psychotherapy, you find them below. These guidelines apply to all statutory insurances.


I don't have a license to easily settle with the GKV yet, since the number of licenses for each city is restricted and there is a long waiting list for these licenses. Therefore I can only offer so-called reimbursement therapy, meaning that your insurance pays your therapy in my practice only if you can prove that you didn't find a place in a licensed practice.

The reimbursement request is only promising if you have without success followed certain steps to start a therapy in a licensed practice. If you haven't followed those steps yet, the insurances will decline your reimbursement request.

Please read these informations before contacting me, thank you! :)


Those steps are:


1. I recommend to document all futile efforts to find a therapy place in licensed practices (date of the call/ the email and the result (no answer, no free place, long waiting list etc.))


2. Arrange an appointment for the obligatory one-time ''psychotherapeutic consultation'' (''Psychotherapeutische Sprechstunde'') in any licensed ptactice. Either via the appointment service point (''Termin-Service-Stelle'' (TSS), tel. 116117) or by yourself in any practice listed on kvberlin.de under ''Psychotherapeutensuche''. The website offers a English version. Link: https://www.kvberlin.de/60arztsuche/schnellsuchep.html


3. This initial consultation serves as a ''gateway'' to psychotherapy in the public health system and is supposed to provide you with information about the recommended next steps. During the consultation a form (PTV 11) will be handed out to you that includes the results of the consultation and your recommendations.

  • IMPORTANT: ask for a tick at ''promptly required'' and the ''urgency sticker'' (read below what that is)
  • AND: aks for the recommendation for depth psychology-based psychotherapy (Tiefenpsychologisch fundierte Psychotherapie) on the form (there's checkboxes for the different psychotherapeutic methods)

4. In case the therapist put the ''urgency sticker'' on the form, you have the right to call the appointment service point (tel.: 116117) again and they are obliged to offer you a therapy place within 4 weeks. There's a numerical code on the sticker that the person at the service point will ask for and that ''proves'' your right to be provided with a therapy place within 4 weeks.

  • BUT: You cannot chose your favourite therapist, the service point will offer you a place in any practice within the city limits

5. If the service point offers you a place, a reimbursement request in my practice will be declined by your insurance then and they will tell you to get back to the service point and follow their suggestion.

  • THE PROBLEM IS: There's no right to psychotherapy in any other language than German. So, with the ''emergency sticker'' you will maybe get a therapy place, but the therapist will most likely not offer therapy in English. The service point has no lists of English speaking therapists.
  • BUT: If you send a reimbursement request to your insurance referring to the language barrier and asking for therapy in a private practice like mine, the insurance most likely decline it by telling you that they are not obligated to provide therapy in your preferred language and they will simply tell you to call the service point again
  • AND THE OTHER PROBLEM IS: In case the therapist didn't put the ''urgency sticker'' on the form, you will have to find a therapy place by yourself, the service point is not responsible for you than.
  • BUT: If you then send a reimbursement request to the insurace, they will decline it by referring to the missing ''urgency sticker'' that in their eyes shows that your case cannot be that urgent and they will simply tell you to keep on searching for a place

6. With other words: A reimbursement request is only promising if you 1.) got the ''urgency sticker'' and 2.) called the service point but despite your right to get an appointment for a therapy place from them they tell you that due to an overload they cannot offer you a place. OR: They offer you a place, you meet the therapist and find out that you don't get along.

  • In those cases you have done everything the insurance has the right to ask from you and it is then not your responsibilty that it didn't work out as it should. And since the waiting time for a therapy place should not exceed three months you can then request reimbursement in a private practice like mine with good prospects of success.


That seems very complicated, I know. :-/ So don't hesitate to contact me for further questions!